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"you’re always changing your hair, last week it was different and the week before that. i’d like to know what inspires you to change and how do you choose the colors?"

"You could be a hero for somebody if you stand up for someone. It’s just really important that that person who’s being hurt doesn’t feel hurt and alone; but they feel like they’re being supported by someone else and someone is standing up for them..”

Demi Lovato + color palettes


@ddlovato: 💪💪💪

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@ddlovato: Feelin’ fit!!!! Woo hoo!!! 💪

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Demi Lovato + Studio Albums + color palettes

Demi Lovato music videos; color palettes {insp.}

The Neon Lights Tour; color palettes {insp}


Stay Strong Documentary; colour palettes. {insp}